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Enterprise Application Integration using Publish/Subscribe REST with IP Multicast

Fadel Cheteng and Rattakorn Poonsuph
Graduated School of Applied Statistics, NIDA, Thailand
Abstract—Web services is a technology standardized by World Wide Web Consortium or W3C with the purpose of enabling software the ability to coordinate with one another regardless of the programming languages, technologies and platforms. Web Services is widely used in the integration of various applications and platforms in each organization so that the common data can be communicated and transferred to the silo applications on any platform. However, Web Services has significant limitations; which is its inability to indicate the latest state of the common data across applications. In order to do so, the connected application programs have to constantly retrieve the common data. This procedure not only overuses the network and causes a bottle neck issue, but it can also generally affect the response time, further causing the delay of the entire network. There were many other researches that try to resolve these problems, but were unable to resolve almost all of the aforementioned problems. Therefore, this research paper will be focusing on the network usage's most efficient method, which is to use public/subscribe Web Services on REST lightweight protocol along with the multicast data transmission that transfers a single packet of data only once to the networks so that all of the connected silo’s applications will receive it simultaneously. The solution can be applied with mobile devices that maintain common data across the mobile devices.

Index Terms—EAI, web services, IP multicast, REST

Cite: Fadel Cheteng and Rattakorn Poonsuph, "Enterprise Application Integration using Publish/Subscribe REST with IP Multicast," Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 20-24, November, 2015. doi: 10.12720/jetwi.7.1.20-24
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